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Production Team

     Sydney Fillipi

     Brianna Kastner

     Perry Devlin

     Cailyn Talamonti

     Ruby Brown

What is Footsteps?

Footsteps was created for Bradley University's 24 hour, 12to12 animation challenge. There were seven teams of five to six people whom all received the same theme to create a fully rendered animation in 24 hours. The theme of the challenge was brave.


Footsteps focuses on inner bravery when facing the hardest struggles in life.

Concept Art


Main Process

We divided the scenes of the animation into sections. Each of us took a group of scenes and animated them. Once the main skeleton animation was created, we would send it to another person to be colored if it hadn't been colored by the animator.

We then put all of our scenes together in one large animation in Adobe After Effects. The snow was also created through After Effects.

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